Dialight LED Indicators

Dialight raises the bar with its creative and useful Prism CBI indicators and Micro LED SMD LED product line.

Dialight is a global leader in LED lighting technology and aim to provide engineering benefits and cost-effective features through their products. These products provide the most leeway in regard to technology and telecommunications product manufacturers.

These prism products can be used in many types of applications including:

  • Storage servers
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Infrastructure products

Prism indicators by Dialight are the only SMD indicator series in the industry capable of surviving 260 degrees Celsius peak reflow temperature, and also allow for the nice look of a diffused lens for better viewing.

Due to prism products being compatible with automated pick-and-place equipment, manufacturers who use Prism products save on production costs, as well as negate the necessity of wave soldering processes. Prism products are compliant with RoHS and are available with a 2mA low-current LED.

Dialight’s Prisms have a unique right angle surface mount solution and CBI indicators package LED with a light pipe and black, low-profile PPA housing, saving space and allowing for mounting on card edges while providing contrast for better clarity. Prism also provides clear light through a diffused lens for the purpose of direct view applications.

The prism series has a variation of package sizes and single-level, bi-level and tri-level configurations containing 2mm and 3mm lenses. The design works well with bi-color and tri-color applications, reducing light bleed while also increasing transmission.

Dialight also offers a complete line of discrete LEDs in addition to the Prism Series. This line is the Micro LED Surface mount LED range. These products allow transmission of the complete spectrum of colors, including bi-color and tri-color choices, and also offer a variation of intensities, including innovative AllnGaP and InGaN technology.

With ChipLED packaging, PLCC and right-angle and reverse-mount configurations, the Dialight Micro LED Surface Mount LED product line provides mounting variations and adjustable viewing angles and lens features.

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