Orbel Interview with Ryan Swanton on Thin Gauge Metal for Mission Critical Applications

In this episode of Tech Talk with Tom Griffin, Tom has conducts a very enlightening interview with Ryan Swanton, Director of Sales at Orbel Corporation.

Orbel is a manufacturer of thin gauge metal components, specializing in BeCu and other red metals that support mission critical and hi-rel applications. Think of tight-tolerance components such as springs, shields, grounds, shims, brackets, straps, etc. That’s Orbel!

Orbel strives to leverage this uncommon offering of imparting their extensive knowledge in thin-gauge metal forming as it pertains to BeCu and other red metals. They take that knowledge & experience and apply it where consistency and reliability are paramount throughout the life of various high-end programs. All the while we’re building much-valued relationships with key players in the electronics industry.

Watch the full interview to gain insight on how Orbe’s expertise and experience with this uniques knowledge of thin gauge metal forming adds value to the electronic industry.

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