RCD – Miniature 300W Heat-Sink Resistors – TechTalk with Tom Griffin

RCD Components is a global leader in the manufacturing of passive components, and has developed the CM300 to save space, height and weight.

The CM300 is rated up to 300 Watts and is less than 1/10 the size and weight of a conventional RE80 250 Watt chassis mount resistor at a significant cost savings.

The CM300 is also less than half the height of an SOT227 package, is quicker and easier to mount, and is 30% lighter .

The CM300 is essentially vibration-proof and is available with insulation ratings up to 5KV. It is non-inductive and features a wide range of resistance values of (0.1 ohm to 1 Meg). The CM300 features .187” male quick-connect terminals and flexible insulated leads with a range of customized terminations.

Burn-in and Military-screening and numerous design modifications are available.

This heat sink resistor is clearly the answer to some of the size and weight issues faced by many design engineers.

These miniature 300W Heat-Sink Resistors are ideal for applications in :

Automotive, medical equipment, high voltage power supplies, pulse generators, and other high voltage or power applications.

To learn more about RCD’s 300W miniature Heat-Sink Resistors as well as other products available from Catalyst Sales, contact your local Catalyst Sales person.

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