RCD SWIFT with Extra Capacity Added

RCD Components completed the expansion of their SWIFT™ production line in Manchester, NH. With this unique service, RCD can now offer non-stock product in as little as 3 days! RCD has billions of resistors, inductors and capacitors in inventory! This includes most resistor types including customs. For example, if you need a 5W 128.697 ohm 0.01% 5ppm high-pulse surface mount resistor, moderate quantities can be manufactured in as little as 72 hours – RCD’s competition would probably take that long to quote it if they didn’t “no bid”! High power, ultra-precision, mil-spec resistors, inductors, shunts and temp sensors are included in this program. The launch of the higher capacity, multi-layer capacitors offers MLCCs up to 100µF and voltages from 6.3V to 4KV!

If you’re caught in a shortage, don’t risk a line shutdown while waiting for delivery… try RCD’s SWIFT™ service! This unique program can provide delivery within 1 week!

For resistor users who find they must have a certain part yesterday, now it’s possible to meet that impossible deadline, whether it’s for a critical prototype or for a first-run on the production line. Naturally, such fast turnaround has its price — as much as 100 percent more than the cost of the product with a full 10-week turnaround, but to have these critical parts in hand just 52 hours very often makes this not only palatable, but very cost-effective as well.

The SWIFT™ program was developed to provide prompt resistor delivery to customers caught in a bind. Average lead time is one week (moderate premium charge applies). Please keep in mind that lead time is highly dependent on type, tolerance, quantity, and existing backlog.

The SWIFT™ program is available on precision and power wirewounds, metal film, low-ohm, fusible, surge resistant and temperate sensitive resistors. Also available on some surface mount resistors, custom networks, capacitors, inductors, and delay lines.

The SWIFT™ delivery service is the only one of its kind being offered by a resistor manufacturer.

To find out more information about the SWIFT™ program and the fastest delivery available, please contact your Catalyst salesperson or visit our website at www.catalyst-sales.com.

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