PowerStor Ultra High Capacitance Super Capacitors

Cooper Bussmann has given themselves a new, competitive edge with the creation of their PowerStor Ultra High Capacitance Super Capacitors.

These new super capacitors are excelling past the norms in the areas of usable life, broad temperature ranges, and other unique features which push Cooper Bussmann’s new XB and XV Series to the cutting edge. Cooper Bussmann’s new series has provided new, extensive solutions for a wide-range of applications.

Cooper Bussmann, a competitor in providing magnetics, fuses, super capacitors, and ESD suppression, has released XB, XV ultra-high capacitance device capacitors, utilizing electrochemical double-layer capacitor construction (EDLC), with new, high-performance materials.

These two technically advanced designs enable Cooper Bussmann to offer a wider and more effective variety of super capacitors to the ever growing and evolving market.These new technologies allow Bussmann to offer capacitors that have the ability to release mere micro amps over a period of several days, or release several amps for milliseconds, depending on the user’s needs.

Bussmann’s new XB and XV series super capacitors offer a substantial 10 year operating life at room temperature, as well as an ultra-low ESR for any high power density applications. This new series offers large capacity for the higher energy density applications, is UL recognized and possesses an incredibly long cycle life.

Cooper Bussmann has pushed the envelope in giving their super capacitors an exceedingly long life and have provided ideal solutions for highest capacitance versus size, while simultaneously providing the lowest DSR and an extensive temperature range that has given Cooper Bussmann an edge with their newest line of Supercaps.

Features of the XB Series:
• Capacitance 300F-400F
• Working Voltage: 2.5V
• Surge Voltage: 2.85V
• Capacitance Tolerance: -10% to +10%
• Operating Temp Range: -25°C to 70°C

Features of the XV Series:
• Capacitance 300F-400F
• Working Voltage: 2.7V
• Surge Voltage: 2.85V
• Capacitance Tolerance: -5% to +10%
• Operating Temp Range: -40°C to 65°C

• Hybrid battery and fuel cell systems
• High pulse current applications
• UPS holdup power
• Battery replacement
• Power helostat tracking
• Wind turbine blade pitch control
• Energy regeneration and motor start in a myriad of machinery and equipment.
• Peak power: X-ray machines
• Telecom system holdup
• RAID Storage mains fail protection
• Extend usable battery life

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