Eaton’s Bussmann Online Catalog

Eaton’s Bussmann Online Catalog

Bussmann belongs to the electrical business part of Eaton. Eaton obtained Cooper Industries PLC near the end of 2012. Bussmann is the leader in critical circuit protection, as well as power management and electrical safety.

Bussmann is determined to produce the best development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative circuit and power electronic protection, over-voltage protection and power management solutions for industrial, electronics, alternatively energy and high reliability markets.

Eaton has three main catalogs available online. The names are:

  • Inductors and Transformers Catalog
  • Circuit protection catalog
  • Connectors Catalog (Interactive)

Leading-Edge Technology Eaton’s Coiltronics products concentrate on standard and custom solutions that provide the most recent state-of-the-art low-profile high power density magnetic components. Working closely with the industry leaders in chipset and core development, Eaton remains the leader in innovation and new technology to provide the best combination of packaging, high efficiency and unbeatable reliability. Their designs use high frequency, low core loss materials, new and custom core shapes combined with innovate construction and packaging to allow designers the opportunity for highest performance parts in existence.

Coiltronics products are ranked first for power inductor and transformer solutions in this growing marketplace of electronics. They also focus on inductors and transformers for DC-DC power conversion and switch-mode applications demanding high frequency.

Categories of Standard Products include:

  • Multi-Phase and V-Core solutions
  • Automotive AEC-Q200 inductor and transformer solutions
  • High Current Inductors
  • Shielded Drum Inductors
  • Surface Mount Power Inductors
  • Through-hole Power Inductors
  • Common-mode Inductors
  • Transformers Custom-Engineered Capabilities Eaton’s custom capabilities leadership is derived from our in-depth understanding of applications, thorough knowledge of material performance and modeling and simulation tools for maximum device performance.
  • Inductors and transformers for DC-DC converters and off-line switch mode power supplies (to 200 Watts and voltages up to 450Vac [640Vdc] and frequencies from 20kHz to 10MHz).

For more information regarding these online catalogs and all they have to offer please visit our website.

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