CTS Frequency Portfolio Expanded to Include Semiconductors

CTS Electronic Components Inc., has recently publicized their addition of frequency related Semiconductors to their product options. This new line of circuits includes buffers and dividers, capacitive tuning, cable driver and PECL/ECL logic that complement its current Frequency Control portfolio.

CTS Electronics Components Inc., is a leader in the world of designing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic components for automotive, communications, medical, industrial, defense and aerospace and computer markets.

“Our customers use similar products today but require high performance versions to complement our frequency devices” said Vice President of CTS’ Electronic Component Solutions, Michael Ferrantino Jr. “Today’s announcement gets us one step closer to providing them with a complete, high performance, timing solution” Ferrantino added.

CTS has fostered both honesty and longevity when it comes to their customer relationships, as the clientele to whom they provide services range from some of the most important OEMs in the world, to business owners just getting on their feet. CTS has been able to provide new, high performance frequency control solutions to all of their clients. Adding the Semiconductor products will only broaden and expand their ability to handle more content and make provisions to their customers, enabling a more well-rounded portfolio, containing high performing devices and integrated solutions that are needed for future generation system architectures.

About CTS Electronic Components
The Company has manufacturing locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Nogales, Mexico; Singapore; Zhongshan and Tianjin, China; and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

About CTS
CTS is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic components and sensors to OEMs in the automotive, communications, medical, defense and aerospace, industrial and computer markets. CTS manufactures products in North America, Europe and Asia. CTS’ stock is traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “CTS.”.

For more information about CTS and the products they provide, please visit our website.

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