Cooper Bussmann’s MPI4040 Series receives “Product of the Year!”

Cooper Bussmann’s Coiltronics MPI4040 Series Power Inductors was announced “Product of the Year” according to Germany-based Elektronik Magazine.

Cooper Bussmann is an industry leader in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety.

This MPI4040 Series was recognized for its innovative features and high efficiency in the Passive Components category, derived from results based on the magazine’s 15’s annual “Product of the Year” reader survey.

Elvis Perez, director of European sales in the electronics division of Cooper Bussmann said, “Through collaborate efforts with customers, our team developed the MPI 4040 Series to serve as a complete line of solutions to address complex design challenges in the electronics market. We look forward to building off of the product lines’ success and will continue to develop solutions designed to provide our customers with the utmost reliability, efficiency and safety. “

Features include:

  • High frequency operations up to 10MHz and high power density up to 32A.
  • Designed for increased efficiency
  • Includes soft roll-off, superb Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) shielding performance with low radiated noise
  • An operating temperature range of minus 40 to 125 degrees Celsius

All of these features are provided in a compact, 4.7 by 4.3 millimeter footprint.

Applications for commercial and industrial uses include:

  • AC/DC-DC/DC converters
  • Voltage regulator modules (VRM)
  • LED drivers (lighting, backlighting)
  • LCD Displays, noise filtering, power supplies
  • Motor controls/drivers
  • Oscillators

The MPI4040 Series performance has been confirmed and added to several Integrated Circuit reference design platforms for these types of circuits.

To learn more about Cooper Bussman’s outstanding products, please visit our website.

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