CIT Relay & Switch J115F Series UL Approved Relay

CIT Relay & Switch is now offering the J115F Series with 50amp rating. The rugged J115F Series has high dielectric strength coil to contact up to 4000Vrms. Heavy contact load is a hallmark of this high-performance relay. Small in size and robust, the J115F1 is UL/cUL certified and RoHS compliant. It is UL F class rated standard.

Specifications: Contact arrangement is 1A SPST N.O., 1B SPST N.C., and 1C SPDT. with contact rating of 50A@240VAC N.O. & 35A@240VAC N.C. Contact resistance is less than 30 milliohms; contact material is AgSnO2 or AgSnO2In2O3. Tested electrical life of the J115F Series is 100k cycles with mechanical life of 10M cycles. The dielectric strength is 4000Vrms minimum coil to contact for the high dielectric strength option, 2500Vrms minimum coil to contact and 1500Vrms minimum contact to contact.

Insulation resistance is 100MWminimum at 500VDC. Shock resistance is 200m/s2 for 11 ms and vibration resistance is 1.50mm double amplitude 10~40Hz. Operating temperature is -55°C to 125°C with storage temperature of -55°C to 155°C. Solderability is 260°C for 5s. Weight for J115F1 is 30g, 27g without cover. Weight for J115F2 is 35g and J115F3 is 37g.

The J115F Series 50amp relay are ideal for security, test equipment, telecommunications, instrumentation, automotive, HVAC and motor control, as well as many other industrial applications. Pricing is dependent upon options and volume. Contact CIT Relay & Switch for lead-time information.

CIT RELAY & SWITCH, a division of Circuit Interruption Technology, Inc., manufactures a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial and audio relays and switches in thru-hole, panel, and surface mount styles. CIT RELAY & SWITCH products are supported by a worldwide network of distributors and sales representatives.

For more information about the CIT RELAY & SWITCH J115F1 Series relays or any of the CIT switch or relay products, contact

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