Sensata LEX (217) Series

Sensata’s LEX (217) Series is part of Sensata’s lowest depth breaker family, the Airpax IAX/LUX/LEX series. This hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker allows increased density in data center rack power distribution units while leaving more space for equipment, wiring and airflow. These UL-489 Listed, CSA, and IEC 60947-2 (pending) breakers are available in 1 and 2 pole models using a unique handle actuator (patent pending) which minimizes breaker volume while maintaining reliable switching and over current protection.

They are available in high interrupt capacity up to 10,000 amps. These low resistance, all copper conductors meet the needs of high-performing, high-efficiency data centers.

Sensata LEX (217) Series


  • Based on the proven high performance of the Airpax LEG series
  • Low depth to minimize PDU intrusion into equipment rack space
  • 240VAC rating on a single pole further minimizes space requirements
  • UL-489 Listed and IEC 60947-2 (pending)
  • 5 kAIC and 10 kAIC versions available
  • Standard (copper and brass) and low resistance (all copper) conductors available
  • Unique handle actuator for protection against accidental “turn-off” with minimal size and no handle guard required
  • Screw terminals provide secure vibration resistant connection for high-reliability applications
  • Terminal orientation allows simple power conductor routing and ease of assembly

Sensata Technologies Inc. is a world leader in the supplying of electrical production, mobile power, sensing and control solutions in many industries and many applications. Sensata’s Airpax products also include hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and protectors, thermal circuit protectors, bimetal thermostats, speed and position sensors, fuses, power switches, modular distribution systems and protected batter disconnects. The Dimensions products from Sensata Technologies include DC to AC inverters as well as battery chargers.

Automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, HVAC-R, telecommunications, recreational vehicles, marine, medical, information processing, electronic power supply, power generation, over-the-road trucks, utility/work trucks, construction, agricultural, and alternative energy applications are all part of Sensata’s market.

Sensata takes pride in their goal of delivering high quality, world-class customer service and constantly bettering their products and services.

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