Sensata Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Breaker – Tech Talk with Tom Griffin

Today we are focusing on Sensata’s® Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Breaker. Sensata Technologies has partnered with North Shore Safety Ltd to provide the Linegard™ ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), that integrate with Airpax™ circuit breakers.

The LineGard™ PGFM GFCI Sensing Module is a ground fault or equipment leakage sensing device designed and manufactured by North Shore Safety, a leader in innovative safety products.

The GFCI operates in tandem with an approved Airpax LEL Series, UL 489 listed circuit breaker, with a shunt trip and auxiliary switch. The combined assembly is recognized as a Class A UL 943 rated device. The sensing module is available in models to operate at supply voltages of 120 VAC or 240VAC and can monitor single and split phase circuits. These devices meet the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR1926.404 (b)(1)(ii) and OSHA 29 CFR 1926.405 (a) (2)(ii)(G).

Specific features of the GFCI Breaker module include power and fault status indicators while providing identification of a ground fault vs. short circuit trip. These breakers contain a chemical and UV resistant enclosure. The trip level of sensing device is 5mA ± 1mA Class A UL 943, while the sensing module operates at a 120VAC or 240VAC.

This single-phase unit operates at a temperature range of negative 35°C to +66°C. The GFCI Breaker accommodates up to 2 wires, at 10 AWG; while twisting of the wires is required.

Additional features include power and fault status indicators, a ground fault vVS short circuit trip, and a chemical and UV resistant enclosure. The trip level of the sensing device is 5mA ± 1mA Class A UL 943, another exceptional feature.

To learn more about Sensata’s ® Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters and other Sensata products, contact your Catalyst Sales person.

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