Sensata Circuit Breaker/Protector Series

The Airpax IAR/IUR/IER/CUR/CER series is a circuit breaker/protector that is snap-acting hydraulic-magnetic.

This circuit breaker joins power switching and accurate, dependable circuit protection in an attractive “IU” or “IRU” sized package.

The IAR/IUR/EIR/CUR/CER series are created for rack mount applications which allows for resourceful use of rack space while maintaining performance through hydraulic-magnetic technology enabling consistent operation from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius. This series also contains a circuit interrupt capacity up to 5,000 AIC at 80VDC and 2000 AIC at 250VAC. This series is available in series trip and mid-trip configurations, with auxiliary alarm switch options to enable monitoring of critical circuits.

The CER series circuit breaker allows the needed ratings for both wireless and wired applications while also adhering to the UL489A and TUV requirements for approval. A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that is created to keep an electrical circuit safe from the damage created by what’s called an overload, or short circuit. Circuit breakers have taken on a vital role in regard to safety in any kind of electrical system. Systems like airplanes, cars and even appliances in your home need circuit breakers.

Since power protection, temperature sensors and other precision components are an important element in most electrical projects being made today, it’s no surprise that Sensata Technologies (formerly Airpax) provides the best in safety and reliability. Sensata is a world leader in sensing.

Sensata has been providing quality components such as circuit breakers which are created to handle tough surroundings and intense standards. Sensata’s main provisions go to professionals in telecommunications, aircraft and military, industrial, railway, power conditioning, HVAC and information processing applications.

Newark element 14 enables you to be connected with the entire realm of Sensata products. Free technical support from engineering experts as well as same day shipping is provided with no minimum order is also accessible.

If you want reliable products at a competitive price, Klixon and Airpax devices from Sensata is your answer!

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